Home Inspector

Home Inspector – What Buyers should be aware of

If you are about to become the owner of a brand new property, it would be wise to hire a home inspector to examine it first before putting it up for sale. Here is what you should be aware of regarding a professional home inspection:

Home inspectors are certified

Home inspectors are different from contractors. The latter is hired when the home has maintenance issues that need to be fixed, while inspectors are trained and certified to pinpoint those issues. This includes problems that might not be visible to the untrained eye. Each country and state comes with its own standards, but home inspectors, in each, have to be certified before they can provide you an accurate report on the state of your property.

You are responsible for inspections 

Most first time property buyers are not aware that they are ultimately responsible for inspections. Before you can agree to a settlement, you have to hire a home inspector to inspect the property and ensure the inspection is completed within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, you are responsible for paying the inspector, not the previous owner. An inspection is supposed to be very thorough and leaving it till the last minute will not result in a comprehensive report or bring safety issues to light.

A Beryl Home Inspection will protect your asset and your family by revealing any hidden surprises and safety issues before you move in. We offer valuable guidance and insight for buyers and give them the confidence to buy and sell property with complete peace of mind. We will also throw in energy efficiency tips that can reduce your energy bill along with maintenance issues that should be taken care of immediately.  Give us a call today to service your home!