Home Inspector

Home Inspection Checklist

Before you decide to purchase a property or home, it might be best to get it checked out beforehand. Rather than doing it yourself, hiring a trained home inspector will be a better idea. The following is a checklist that one will go through while evaluating your property:

Structural integrity

A home inspector will inspect the roof of your property by examining the foundation and attics to look for condensation and other damages. If the property is in a location that is prone to hurricanes, they may also inspect the trusses to ensure they are attached, as per regulations. A home inspector will also examine the walls for leaks and mold, along with cracks on the floor to ensure the baseboards are attached properly.

 Exterior inspection for Faults

Home inspectors might inspect the exterior of the property to determine its structural integrity as well. This includes determining whether caulking is required or not to prevent water from seeping through the walls. Most also look for weakening tread steps, cracks on decks and broken glass seals to determine the number of repairs required.

Besides the aforementioned, a home inspector might also note:

  • What needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Whether there are any safety issues that need to be addressed
  • Any items that can be left as they are but which should also be examined closely.
  • Which documentations lenders might ask for and help you acquire them as well.

Beryl Project Engineering offers professional and experienced home inspectors who can take care of this checklist along with other considerations. Ensure your dream home or property is free of imperfections and safety issues by hiring one today and increase its value tenfold.