Home Inspector

Why Hiring a Home Inspector Is a Smart Decision

There are some realtors out there who are trying to make a quick buck. In doing so, they can talk you into buying a house that looks good on paper but has major issues that you might not be able to detect. Before buying a house, a smart decision would be to hire a house inspector to make sure that the house does not have any underlying problems.

Beryl Engineering and Inspection has been in the construction inspection industry for more than fifteen years and has qualified consultants and inspectors, and necessary equipment to perform a thorough home inspection.

A home inspector gives you the opportunity to negotiate on the house’s price with the seller. A house inspection tells you the inner workings of the house that need repairs. There might be a leaky roof that has allowed moisture to seep into the walls, misplaced or missing frame structures, faulty sockets or ventilation system that leaks thermal radiation etc. All these problems pose a threat to not only the house but to you and your family too.

The roof might collapse, the ventilation system might stop working or the sockets may cause huge electrical sparks, you never know what dangers these things pose. These are the problems that are invisible to the naked eye but a home inspector has the right equipment and years of knowledge to spot them.

All you need to do is schedule an inspection by calling at  (813) 358-0405. A home inspector will meet with you and will show you the potential dangers through thermal imaging. After the inspection, you will receive images and a computerized report within 36 hours, which will outline in detail where and what the problems are. By hiring a home inspector, you can negotiate a house deal that is more in your favor. Furthermore, you will know exactly which areas of the house to concentrate on when you start working on the repairs and renovations.