Home Inspector

Beryl Engineering and Inspection covers a wide range of services for home inspection and engineering. Our company is able to perform inspections for moisture intrusion, plumbing systems, roofs, HVAC systems, decks, attics, ventilation systems, fire extinguishers, foundation walls and piers, mold, septic tanks, water heater tanks, fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, pools, spas, mobile and manufactured homes, and damaged properties. Beryl Engineering and Inspection will send a highly qualified, home inspector that is trained with safe and effective inspection practices.

Aside from inspections, Beryl Engineering and Inspection does a wide variety of other services. We perform project management for planning, renovations, remodeling, facilities, repairs and rehabilitations. Management includes defining the customer’s needs, analyzing bids, negotiating contracts and preparing documents for the project. Beryl’s bidding services entails guiding the client to find the right firms for a given project.

Beryl is highly experienced in negotiating contracts that are efficient and fair for both the clients and contractors. In addition to defining a contract’s agreements, Beryl will make sure the contractor’s billings is in line with what the client has in mind. Beryl will perform a reserve study to help a client to analyze a property and plan out the budget strategy. All reserve studies include easy to comprehend reports, funding requirements, qualifying assets, replacement costs, results, recommendations, as well as graphs, charts and photographs of the project.

For independent engineering, Beryl has a certification process in order to review the status of a project. In an independent engineer certification, the status of a project’s progress is defined, and then it is established whether or not the project will exceed its budget or will be delayed. Beryl also turns in project status reports in order to inform stakeholders on how projects are doing. These reports include how much work has been completed during the month, future plans for upcoming months, funding statements and schedules.

The engineers at Beryl Engineering and Inspection have over 15 years of experience. A home inspector working at Beryl is highly qualified and expected to exceed expectations for and given project.