Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector before purchasing a new property is always a good idea. While a home may look good at first glance, it could be hiding defects that could endanger your family’s safety or require costly repairs to rectify later on. By having a home inspection done by professionals, you can ensure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises after you move into your new home. Beryl Project Engineering has licensed and certified home inspectors who are able to perform a thorough assessment of any property you’re thinking of buying.

Your home inspector will give you a more detailed and accurate picture of the condition that the property is in. You will receive information about any potential defects, as well as fire hazards and health risks. Having an independent home inspection done can thus help you decide whether the home you’re considering is one that you would want to live in. It can also save you a lot of money in certain cases. Having a professional home inspection report in hand is able to give you and your buying agent more negotiating power. In some cases, it can let you knock thousands of dollars off the final purchase price. You can then use these savings to make any home improvements or renovation work that is necessary.

Beryl Project Engineering has inspectors that have been performing inspections all over the greater Tampa Bay area for over 15 years now. Our inspectors are all highly experienced in the field, licensed, certified and insured, giving you the assurance that every inspection we perform will be done thoroughly and accurately. We provide you with computerized reports that are easy to understand, all within 36 hours of the inspection being performed. Call us today to schedule your inspection. We have flexible scheduling options, including availability on evenings and weekends for your convenience.