Home Inspector

Home Inspector | Q.: What is inspected during a typical home inspection?

A.: There are state regulations that specify what should be included during a standard home inspection. A reliable inspector should provide a list of what will be evaluated prior to starting an inspection. This will give you a chance to add extra items to the list and discuss what you want the inspector to pay particular attention to during the inspection.

Q.: What questions should I ask before hiring a home inspector?

A.: Aside from clearly determining what will be covered, ask about credentials and experience conducting residential inspections. Preferably, you want to opt for an inspector who has several years of experience within your local area so they will know what to look for.

Q.: How long does it take to conduct a typical home inspection?

A.: Most home inspections take a few hours to complete. A reputable inspector should never give a set time limit for how long an inspection will take since anything that is questionable will need to be accurately documented.

Q.: Am I permitted to be present when the home inspector is conducting their evaluation?

A.: An honest inspector should allow you to be present throughout the duration of the inspection. Being there as the inspection is taking place will allow you to ask questions and personally see what’s being observed, especially if a potential issue is discovered.

Q.: What is included in the final inspection report?

A.: The report a home inspector prepares should be a detailed review of the entire inspection, including mention of what’s good about the inspected property. A thorough report should also include photos, especially of any observed problems.

Q.: Will the inspector remain available to answer questions after the report is presented?

A.: Any reliable inspector should personally present their report or ensure that they can be reached if there are any questions about what’s in the report, including any issues documented in the report.