203K Consultant

Nothing is more fun than taking a fixer upper and turning it into a freshly renovated showplace. A home construction job is never complete until a 203k Consultant inspects the project and signs off on the repairs. From electrical work, plumbing and the structure, a Beryl Engineering & Inspection consultant will reassure you that the work is sound. Your restoration project can safely be converted from a residential project to a cherished family home.

Beyond assuring the structural soundness of your fixer upper, a Beryl 203k Consultant inspection meets state and local real estate regulations. This can help you prepare for a quick flip if a buyer appreciates your work as much as you do. If you financed the project on your personal home, the bank will likely require an inspection as part of the terms for lending you money.

Beryl employees, some who have more than 15 years of experience, will make the inspection process as painless as possible. They will gladly allow you to accompany them during the inspection, and ask any questions that may arise about the quality of the work completed. If the project fails to pass inspection, be sure to schedule a reassessment as soon as the repairs are made.

If you are in the process of working on a fixer upper for profit or comfort, allow a Beryl 203k Consultant to put your mind at ease. Contact Beryl Engineering for an initial consultation, and discuss whether one inspection at the end of the project is sufficient to satisfy state and local regulations. You may be surprised to discovered what often over looked steps to a successful, cost-effective renovation that you may have overlooked. Be prepared to receive sound advice from seasoned professionals. Call Beryl Project Engineering today to schedule an appointment with a consultant.