FHA Home Inspector

FHA Home Inspector | Call Beryl Engineering | When you are purchasing a home and financing it with an FHA mortgage, you will need to have the home inspected for any defects and structural flaws. Our FHA home inspector is experienced and certified, and will help you with your inspection needs. We will provide you with a detailed written report and photos of our findings so your home purchase can go as smoothly as possible.

The Benefits of Working With Our FHA Home Inspector

Each of our FHA home inspectors have performed over a thousand inspections for people buying or selling a home with an FHA mortgage. With more than 15 years of experience, our inspectors are able to deliver accurate and detailed information about the current condition of the home. If the home does not meet the FHA requirements, this gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to negotiate remedies and repairs so that the transaction can proceed.

How Our Inspections Benefit Home Buyers

Every home buyer is entitled to a thorough inspection before they purchase a home through the FHA. Our inspections benefit home buyers by pointing out flaws that need to be fixed so that a home can be a safe place to live. Because our inspectors are an independent third party, the information that we provide can help the buyer to make a counteroffer. When buying a home, the buyers can also use the information to allocate their budget to future repair needs, such as replacing a water heater or adding more insulation.

Why Home Sellers Should Work With Our Inspectors

In order to get FHA financing, a home must meet certain requirements. After an FHA home inspection, sellers can find professionals to make the repairs required by the FHA program. Having the repairs completed in a timely manner will allow the sale to go on as planned. Following the findings of the inspection also helps sellers to save money on unnecessary cosmetic issues and upgrades that are not required by the FHA mortgage loan program.