203K Consultant

When your project requires the expertise of a 203k consultant, let our staff at Beryl Project Engineering be your first choice. Our 15 years of experience, ongoing training and education, and commitment to high-quality work will help to ensure that you get the services you need. Our 203k consultants are ready to help you with your loan application for the purchase of a commercial property that needs to be rehabilitated or remodeled in order to meet Hillsborough County building code requirements.

What Is Included in a 203k Visit?
During an inspection, our consultant performs a thorough survey and evaluation of the proposed project site. Our engineer or inspector checks out everything inside and outside of the structure. This includes its foundation, exterior and interior walls, roof, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. We also look for potential hazards such as, nearby power lines and overgrown trees that could impact the safety of your project.

What Services Does a 203k Consultant Provide?
After performing an inspection, our engineers or inspectors write a project scope and feasibility report. Within the report, we detail the mandatory repairs that are required in order to meet Florida’s building safety requirements. We also state which repairs are recommended for the safety of the work site. The report includes a cost analysis and whether or not the work is feasible given the structure’s condition and the expenses of performing the work. The report also includes a section on desirable repairs and upgrades based upon the goal of your project. Our reports include a listing of contractors who can complete the work. You can use these or any other contractors that you prefer.

How Do I Schedule an Inspection With Your Engineers and Inspectors?
Our engineers offer flexible appointment hours for all 203k loan inspections. We will create the report, including photos, and deliver it to you electronically within 36 hours of the inspection. This helps you to meet your lender’s deadlines and can help to facilitate the completion of your loan application.