Home Inspector

Home Inspector | Tampa | Home inspection is a crucial step to the home buying process. Not only does it save you bundles of money on potential hidden problems later, but it also gives you an opportunity to speak with an expert about how to properly maintain your new home. That being said, keep in mind this list of 5 mistakes to avoid during home inspection:

1.       Not showing up to the party – We know, you’re busy and this may not be mandatory, but it is so important to be present at your home inspection. Reading the report isn’t enough to get the full picture. An inspector can explain areas in the report that you may not understand, estimate how much certain projects could cost, and answer any questions you might have about the home’s structural integrity.
2.       Neglecting the report – You just paid to have your home inspected, and now you aren’t going to read the report? So many home buyers glance over their inspections and forget about them right after. The right home inspector will give you a clear and easy to follow report that blatantly details what is wrong with the home and what needs to be done to fix it.
3.       Leaving it to the buyers – Home Inspections aren’t just for those buying a home, but sellers often skip pre-sale inspections. A pre-sale inspection allows for more time to make repairs in a cost-effective manner, and saves you from losing a sale after a buyer’s not-so-good inspection of the home.
4.       Being Mr. Uncooperative – For sellers, inspections may seem invasive and this often translates when the inspector arrives. Be sure to prepare your home for inspection; moving anything blocking access to attics and crawl spaces, providing keys to basements and sheds, and having repairs completed by a professional. In the end, you’ll save yourself a follow-up inspection for inadequate repairs and speed the process of selling your home.
5.       Not doing your homework – Always, always, always research your home inspector. Remember, your inspection is only as good as your inspector! Be sure to find out how long he/she has been an inspector, how many homes he’s inspected, how she was trained and what her qualifications are.

Home Inspector | Tampa | At Beryl Project Engineering, our home inspectors are always properly trained and certified to assure your home inspection is thorough and precise. Call today to make an appointment in the Tampa Bay area.