Home Inspection

Your Home Inspection – Get Involved!

In the market to buy a home? You’re probably planning on having a home inspection prior to purchase, and if you’re not, you should be. Home inspections help you catch expensive and dangerous problems before you sign those papers. But what should you be asking your home inspector first? This article will arm you with this the questions you should be asking during the home inspection you should be having!

Just what is covered in my home inspection? – A home inspection should always meet state regulations, and you should be provided a complete report of its findings. You can even ask ahead of time to view the inspector’s checklist, giving you the opportunity to ask for additional areas to be checked. Point out any concerns you may have, so that your inspector can pay special attention.

How long have you been doing this and are residences your usual area? – While experience in the commercial building inspection is always helpful, nothing can substitute experience in the residential department. You want your inspector to be well versed in issues that happen most often in homes. In the same respect, it’s also important to find an inspector who has years of experience. Nothing beats a well trained eye!

How long does the inspection take? – With a single inspector, you should expect the process to take a couple of hours. There are so many areas, seen and unseen, that your home inspector is looking for that anything shorter should raise a few red flags!

Can I be present during the inspection? – This is another one that could raise red flags with the incorrect answer. Your home inspection is YOUR home inspection, you should always be allowed to be there. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive valuable insight from a licensed professional about the home you’re purchasing.

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