Engineering Affidavit

Engineering Affidavit | When You Need One | An engineering affidavit is a way to certify that your new residential or commercial construction has been completed in accordance with the agreed upon design, development and construction plans, ensuring that you are not only getting the final product you paid for, but also that it meets state requirements and is up to code.

An affidavit is issued by a construction or engineering firm after a job is completed before the Certificate of Occupancy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re updating an existing structure or building a new home or office from the ground up. Having an affidavit is a way to confirm that your project has been completed properly. An affidavit also represents an agreement of quality and security among everyone who was involved in the design, development, construction and installment processes.

Having such an affidavit helps the company appear more credible and gives you a security. In case the job was not done up to code, you would be able to use your affidavit as proof you were led to believe otherwise. Contrarily, a construction or engineering firm who issued it would be able to use it in their defense if a client who ordered a job and saw through to completion suddenly decided to sue and state that they did not receive the job they requested or that it is not properly done.

In conclusion, an engineering affidavit protects both clients and companies. It is a “seal of approval” from the firm that guarantees that the job you ordered was completed successfully and according to plan. For the companies, an engineering affidavit is part of the closing stage of a project and one way to tangibly demonstrate that they have completed their job according to the specified requirements and that the final product is not only thoroughly completed but also safe for future inhabitants.