Engineering Affidavit

Engineering Affidavit | Common Questions | The engineering affidavit provides a property buyer with the mutual agreement of safety and surety by the parties who provided the engineering and construction services on the structure the buyer is purchasing. It is always provided by the engineering and construction service upon completion of their work before the certificate of occupancy is issued.

Common Questions

• What should I be looking for when choosing an engineering firm?
A review of the engineering firm’s previous projects and customers is one way to know if they can handle your project, the scope of the work involved and if they are reliable. A written proposal by the firm will also detail the firm’s warranties, any performance guarantees, and any documents or affidavits they’ll issue.

• Why is it important that I have an engineer review and approve my project?
You will be required to show that your project met all safety and compliance regulations. The affidavit that Beryl Engineering & Inspection provides indicates that your project was reviewed and approved by a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). Not all engineers are P.E.’s. Only those engineers that pass a lengthy and comprehensive engineering exam can be certified as a P.E.

• Why is the engineering affidavit provided before the certificate of occupancy?
The certificate of occupancy often requires the engineering affidavit before it can be issued. This shows local compliance authorities that issue the certificate of occupancy that your project was reviewed and approved to meet all local safety and compliance regulations.

When considering an engineer for your next project, go with a firm that is experienced, trusted and reliable. Beryl Engineering & Inspection is licensed, insured and has more than fifteen years’ experience in the Tampa Bay area. They stand by their belief and company slogan to “Protect What Matters Most, Your Family.”