203k consultant | When to call

Many people would like to live in their homes, not rented houses. When you want to buy a home, you can seek mortgage services or buy the home through the cash purchase. But there is another option, call a 203k consultant to discus renovating a home.

Maybe the realtor has told you the property needs a cash payment. If you fail to raise money for the home, you may opt for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. The FHA 203k loan is your means of getting your dream home. If you are planning to acquire a home through the FHA 203K loan, you need to be familiar with the loan application process.

FHA 203K Loan Application Process

FHA 203k home loan financing enables you to buy a home in need of repair. To get the 203k loan, you will need skilled consultants who understand the 203k loan application process. Beryl Project Engineering will help you with the 203k loan processing and ensure you do not experience delays. You cannot get the 203k loan when you fail to meet the set FHA guidelines regarding 203k home financing loans.

How does Beryl Project Engineering 203K Consultant help?

• We can help you qualify for the 203k mortgage loan. Our HUD-certified engineers will inspect the building you wish to buy to certify that the property meets the minimum requirements for an FHA 203k loan.

• Beryl Project Engineering will write a report outlining the repairs required in the real estate you intend to buy, and also do the cost estimates of such repairs.

• We will then forward the project report and your loan application to the FHA 203k lender.

• Upon the loan approval, our inspectors can inspect the repair work to ensure that the repair contractor gives you quality services.

• Our 203k consultant can write to the lender for a release of your loan.