FHA Home Inspector | When to call

When the FHA issues a loan to a buyer, they want to guarantee the safety of the home to protect the person from poor housing conditions. The FHA home inspector identifies all potential issues with the property to ensure that it meets applicable housing standards. An FHA home inspector should be called whenever a buyer is planning to purchase a home with funding provided through the FHA.  When do you need an FHA inspection? The home inspection is specifically designed to protect the buyer from purchasing a property that is unfit. The inspection reveals all hazards associated with property and discloses this information to a buyer. The FHA home inspector and the home inspector should be contacted at the same time when the buyer indicates interest in a particular property.

What does an FHA inspection cover?

The FHA inspection covers both the interior and exterior of the property. The independent review covers the plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical systems, foundation problems, roofing envelope, and other structural components. Any issues detected must be resolved before a person can secure lending from the FHA.

Understanding FHA standards

The home must meet minimum property standards in order to be eligible for both lending and mortgage insurance. The home must be brought to standard if the initial review was unsatisfactory. The FHA inspector requires that the property be safe, sanitary and sound for the property owner. Minor defects to a property are overlooked and don’t have to be resolved. Any other deficiencies past normal wear and tear must be corrected.

The FHA inspector reviews the property to detect any unsafe property issues that may make the place unsuitable as a residence. Often working alongside a home appraiser, the FHA inspector serves as the second set of eyes in preparing a neutral, independent review of the property considered. The FHA inspection should be scheduled as soon as the property is identified.