VA Home Inspector

The first thing we ought to do when we are thinking about purchasing a house is look for a reliable VA home inspector. On our own, we often miss the basic things such as electrical fixtures, condition of the roof, and cracks in the walls. However, a VA home inspector sees all these problems, and then some. They mostly rely on photos to back-up their claims and report the findings, so that the client can make an informed decision.

However, there are some problems that cannot be captured in a photo, and these are the ones you do not even think looking into. This is where the VA  home inspector comes in to save the day. They look into every nook and cranny before coming up with the report.

Following are some interior and exterior damages homebuyers often forget to check:

The Garage Door

Open and close the garage door repeatedly to make sure that it closes down fully. A non-functional garage door is one of the main entries for thieves and vandals.

Fire Safety

A garage’s wall is a fire hazard and therefore, it should be properly insulated to prevent accidents. The VA home inspector checks the walls fire rating, as well as the smoke detectors to ensure safety.

Kitchen Appliances

Houses that come with kitchen appliances often have insect infestation in them. Make sure that these appliances are completely clean and free of pests.

Grading Slope

The grading slope should face the opposite direction from the house, to prevent water entry. A VA home inspector will inform you about this and will tell you whether you need to install a drainage system or build a new slope.

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