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VA Home Inspector | We generally consult VA home inspectors before buying a property to make sure the overall project will be worth the investment or not. With the aid of a visual inspection, a VAhome inspector can help point out existing defects, as well as any future repair work that might accompany with the purchase of a home. However, quite often questions resonate as to whether home inspections have any link with property appraisal?

Inspections and Appraisals are Two Different Subjects

Property inspection and property appraisal are two different subjects. Just like licensed VA home inspectors gauge out the current and future status of a property, there are authorized property appraisers that evaluate the market value of a property. A home inspection process cannot deem a property as pass or fail, what it can do is point out the defects to a potential home buyer, which need to be executed.

So, Home Inspection Does Not Have Any Affect on Property Appraisal?     

This is not completely true because even though the procedure is different, the two professionals are separate. The two subjects are still interlinked. With heavier repair works involved, the budget of the home buyer gets affected, which can be formed as a legitimate stance for negotiations. So, even though VA home inspectors cannot appraise a property, they can affect a property appraisal.

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