Va Home Inspection

A VA Home inspection is said to be one of the fundamental steps to take before purchasing or selling a house. However, surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, it is essential to know about the key aspects of it before making a final decision.

  1. It is not mandatory 

VA Home inspection’s are extremely important to know about the technical details of the construction and related attributes of a house, but they are not mandatory. If you are aware of all what is there to look for, you can very well be equipped with the necessary knowledge to conduct an inspection yourself. It is though, recommended to opt for it since it enables you to have clear understanding of major flaws and loopholes.

  1. Sellers aren’t responsible for flawed inspection 

VA Home inspections are the job of a buyer to ensure there aren’t any problems in the house they’re planning to purchase. If incase, after the inspection and purchase of the house a flaw is revealed pertaining to any aspect of the structure, the seller won’t be held responsible. Also, the inspection cost incurred would be paid by the buyer of the house.

  1. Only a certified home inspector can conduct sound inspection

Beryl Engineering and Inspection’s VA home inspectors receive training in identification of the problems associated with houses. This knowledge plays a vital role in proper inspection of the house, which a layman won’t be able to conduct. Often people substitute estate agents for this job, where all they need is a skilled professional in inspection.

At Beryl Project Engineering, we aim at providing the highest quality home inspection services. We ensure you buy the right house to live peacefully in. Beryl Project Engineering services The Greater Tampa area including St. Pete, Brandon, and Lakeland.