VA Home Inspection

VA Home Inspection | Getting a home professionally inspected is a common practice when selling or buying house. This is done in order to gauge the true value of the property. It also recommends a seller what steps he must take in order to increase the value of his home.

Here are some questions that we commonly hear from homeowners who are looking to get their home inspected.

What will get inspected in my home?

This is the most common question that we hear. A VA Home Inspection team will examine the HVAC system, floor, ceiling, doors, foundation, roof, as well as the electrical and plumbing system of the house. These are the most costly components in a house. Hence, they are inspected to derive the true value of a home.

Can I inspect the home myself?

Of course you can, it’s not illegal. However, can you cannot publish an inspection report and show it to the potential buyers? Every Beryl Engineering and Inspection VA Home Inspector is trained to identify issues in a house and is certified to produce a report that is unbiased. If you do this job yourself there would be a conflict of interest.

Do I have to be physically present during inspection?

It is not required that a homeowner must be present at the time of the VA Home Inspection but we highly recommend it. This is because you’ll get to know about the condition of your house and you can ask the VA Home Inspector how it can be improved in order to push the value of your home upwards.

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