Do you know how long the attention span is of most people when looking for a home? Statistics show that it is 2-seconds! In our fast-paced lives, people try to find seconds so that they can spend minutes and even hours with those that they love. Finding how to stand out from the rest is necessary, so how do you keep people begging to see the next image of a property that you have for sale?

Art is something that keeps people talking and staring at for hours at a time. When was the last time you saw people running through an Art Gallery?

This is why it is important to find a professional photographer that actually knows art, not just someone that is the cheapest. Professionally photographed homes sell 7-times faster and find you more potential sellers if the presentation catches their attention in the first 2-seconds. Most sellers are well educated these days, and they demand that Realtors get them the most out their largest investment; so why would most Realtors cut this corner?


Capturing the art of a property is not as easy as you would think! Having to know what angles are going to show the space as useful living space is as important to knowing how to make the whole room look bright and inviting. People do not feel comfortable, or safe when they are in dark places. So why would you allow a corner of a room to look dark when it is photographed? A professional knows how to balance out the whole room with color and light so that those corners look inviting, while giving a little more elegance and creating an emotional attachment from that potential buyer.


 Each piece of equipment that a professional photographer uses has a purpose and usually has a way of enhancing the space of the property it is being used for.  How many times have you gone to see a home and the kitchen looks to be huge? Just to be let down because it is so tiny that you could never have a holiday feast without having to cook, and prep in multiple spaces. There are different levels of cameras and lenses along with different combinations being used. This all serves a purpose if someone knows how to use it correctly! This could mean that a home might sell in hours, compared to months!

Final Product

Putting all of this together and using tools that are accessible will do a few different things. It can and will make for some eye-catching images that will create an emotional connection to a buyer. In some cases, it could do that to multiple buyers creating a bidding war for that property! Having a portfolio of past properties that all have consistent images may help you get that next listing at your next listing appointment! Having these professional images usually get higher a sales price, and less negative nellies wanting to lowball that asking price! Making a small investment for photography so let that professional photographer turn that ordinary property into an extraordinary property so that you can sell more homes, for more money, faster, along with less stress.

Lux Picture has proven this to be effective in the Tampa Market Place. We have seen that the more Artistic and Emotionally connected photos are of a home; potential buyers have become more attached. This has resulted in the average days on market to decrease. Realtors have come back to Lux Picture for images on new properties quicker than their past history. Using these better images often creates a bidding war on properties as the inventory is low due to the new homes being built. It is even more important to get that listing photographed with the best presentation, so you do not lose that potential buyer to a builder.

Article written in its entirety by Matthew Bilancia with Lux Picture. Bilancia with Lux Picture has been doing photography for over 10 years now and has photographed well over 2,000 properties. Prior to being a photographer, he was a Branch Manager of a Mortgage Company and he also served in the United States Air Force. Photography is his passion, and he used it to help Rehabilitate himself from injuries he sustained while on Active Duty in 2002.

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