Tie-Down Inspection

Why Do You Need a Tie-Down Inspection?

Living in the country has it charms. The rustic scenery and the fresh air is what everyone loves about it. Combine this with your manufactured house, it’s the perfect life. However, with manufactured houses comes the worry of being over-turned by floods or hurricanes.

If you are trying to get a loan on your manufactured house but the bank is refusing your application, it is probably because you did not pass their tie-down inspection requirements.

At Beryl Engineering and Inspection, our aim is not just to perform a tie-down inspection, we also want to make sure your manufactured house is secure. Along with consultation and inspections, we also provide repairs and extra tie-downs for your house.

Getting a loan is a long process and we make sure that you pass all the preliminary checks. In a manufactured home, the tie-down straps is the first thing that a lender looks at. It’s the only thing that protects your house from being destroyed and the lender wants to make sure that the house meets the FHA requirements.

Our tie-down inspection covers all the FHA safety basics of a manufactured house so that your house can qualify for a loan. This inspection includes:

  • Anchors and straps are tight with no signs of damage or corrosion
  • The supporting piers are made of materials such as reinforced steel, concrete, treated wood or masonry
  • Adding additional fiber-reinforced cement layers to make the bond stronger
  • The perimeter around the wall prevents vermin and water from reaching the foundation
  • Tie-downs are longitudinal and have extra anchors
  • Straps are not bent or stressed
  • The house has the appropriate number of straps

A tie-down inspection ensures that your house will remain unharmed for years to come. The better the strapping system, the bigger a loan you can get. We will make sure that you get your loan at the first try. So, call at (813) 358-0405 to schedule a tie-down inspection from Beryl Engineering and Inspection.