A Beryl home inspector in Tampa is a trained, experienced and certified professional who seeks to detect problems or defects with a home. Our services are often contracted by sellers and/or buyers before a home sale is completed. The information we provide about a home’s condition is vital to home sale negotiations and final closings. Some deals fall through because of significant problems uncovered during a professional home inspection.

Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa utilizes his or her skills, knowledge, training and experience in construction and structural engineering to perform home inspections. Beryl inspectors also have another valuable tool at their disposal that allows them to detect often-undetectable issues in a home. This tool is Thermal Imaging Technology.

What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

Thermal imaging technology, also called infrared thermography, detects heat energy that is emitted by objects and systems in a home. This heat is detected and revealed as an image on a thermal imaging camera your Beryl home inspector in Tampa uses during a home inspection. This thermal analysis allows the inspector to detect hidden problems before they develop into more serious issues.

Many components heat up before they fail. This increase above normal heat ranges is detected by the camera and reveled to the user. The image helps the inspector identify the area or component with excess heat that is threatening to fail. Identification is the first step in problem solving.

How Does Thermal Imaging Help a Home Inspector in Tampa?

The thermal imaging camera detects excess heat sources through other materials. This allows the inspector to detect problems that are hidden behind walls or other building components without damaging the home. Specific repairs can then be arranged in the exact area of the problem without undue damage to other areas.

Common issues detected by a home inspector in Tampa using a thermal imaging camera include:

  • Electrical faults/overloaded circuits or wiring
  • Worn HVAC components
  • Missing, damaged or wet insulation
  • Pest infestations
  • Roof leaks
  • Fireplace leaks/flue leaks
  • Faulty window seals
  • Hidden plumbing leaks
  • Overheating equipment

Call Beryl Project Engineering for the most advanced and reliable home inspection in Tampa when you are seeking to sell or purchase a home.