Structural inspections in Tampa are opinions on the structural integrity and condition of a structure by a professional engineer. A structural engineer will investigate the design and construction of the structure in question and determine its serviceability under anticipated loads now and in the future. Structural inspections in Tampa can only be written by licensed and trained engineers.

Seeking Reliable Structural Inspections in Tampa

Structural inspections in Tampa are a matter of professional opinion – they are not a guarantee.

Many variables can affect the structural integrity and condition of a structure. Dirt can shift, wood can swell, and unforeseen natural events can occur that can all severely impact a structure’s safety and integrity. This means the most reliable structural inspections in Tampa largely depend on the skills and experience of the engineer performing them.

Beryl structural engineers and inspectors are highly trained, licensed, and certified by various trade organizations  to perform structural evaluations and condition assessments. Our engineers and inspectors have construction and design experience on a number of different buildings and structures. Beryl is also not a construction company. Our engineers and inspectors perform no repairs and are not beholden to anyone but our clients for their confidence and peace of mind.

What is Included in a Structural Inspection?

Structural inspections in Tampa follow the same general guidelines for most structures. Certain projects may require a special focus on particular areas but most inspections cover the following areas:

  • Foundation – All visible and accessible portions of the foundation will be examined for signs of distress or deterioration.
  • Crawlspace – Specific attention will be paid to evidence of moisture intrusion and/or damage and any mitigation systems (sump pumps, etc.).
  • Structural Framework – Including floor joists, roofing/ceiling joists, and other supportive components. Emphasis is on structural deficiencies and signs of stress or deterioration.
  • Roof – Including surface components, layers, flashing, sheathing, water mitigation and any evidence of moisture intrusion or damage.
  • Interior/Exterior Integrity – Particular attention is focused on signs of stress, deterioration, and weather protection.
  • General Concerns – This can include attached structures or significant safety hazards that impact structural integrity.

Structural inspections in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering will also provide recommended actions to remedy any defects or deterioration detailed on the report.

When Would I Need Structural Inspections in Tampa?

There are various clients with needs that require structural inspections in Tampa. Many realtors request a structural inspection on older homes that are listed for sale. New construction projects routinely employ structural engineers for inspections and evaluations. Insurance companies regularly call on engineers for structural inspections in Tampa to evaluate damages as part of claims validation processes.

Some structural inspections in Tampa become necessary when a home inspector locates questionable evidence of a home’s integrity. They can recommend a more complete structural inspection to evaluate foundation integrity and other issues. Certain types of lenders may also require structural inspections in Tampa before approving homeowner loans. FHA and VA home loan lenders routinely require a structural inspection in addition to a general home inspection.

Any other event or reason that causes you to doubt the structural integrity or safety of a building or other structure is reason enough to contract structural inspections in Tampa. Beryl Project Engineering can work with you to schedule structural inspections and condition assessments when necessary. We serve all manner of clients with our reliable and unbiased structural inspections in Tampa. Call us today at 813-616-3301 or complete our contact page to inquire about our engineering and inspection services.