Growing families require more living space. Many families are adding children or moving in older relatives and living space is becoming tight. Homeowners routinely add new additions onto existing homes to provide more square footage to accommodate a growing family. Beryl Project Engineering can provide quality, reliable structural inspections in Tampa for your next home addition.

Popular Home Addition Ideas in Tampa

There are many ways to add space to your existing Tampa home. Some families need additional living space for new members. Others may want to expand the available options for at-home activities or utilities. Some of the most popular home addition ideas in Tampa include:

  • Add a second story to your home
  • Add a room over the garage
  • Attach a modular addition to your existing home
  • Build a dormer space in the attic
  • Finish a full basement space
  • Add on to your existing kitchen
  • Expand existing bathrooms or add a new master bathroom
  • Add a mudroom
  • Convert an outdoor porch into a sunroom
  • Enclose a back patio for a new activity room
  • Add a cantilevered bump-out room addition
  • Finish your attic
  • Convert the garage into extra living space
  • Expand the laundry room

Some of the ideas above only add a little extra space while others add significantly more. The sky is the limit for adding more space to your home. Discuss the growing needs with your family and come up with solutions that will best meet those needs. Some additions may need to be planned for the future while you meet more pressing needs sooner.

Why Would My Addition Need a Structural Inspection in Tampa?

Many of the ideas in the list above will require structural changes to your existing home in addition to adding new structural components for the increased space. You will require a structural inspection in Tampa before making any final renovation or new addition plans.

Certain types of homes are not built to easily accommodate some new additions. An example of this would be adding a second story. Your home may not have been built with the proper components to bear the weight and structural stress of a second level. You would then need to turn to other ideas for adding more living space to your home. Other concerns can include:

  • Removing/modifying/adding load-bearing walls
  • Modifying/adding trusses or other roofing components
  • Additional weight from dormers, attic additions or other room additions above ground level
  • Foundation issues with attaching new rooms or upper-level additions
  • Modifications to/covering floor structural components in a finished basement

A structural engineer from Beryl Project Engineering can identify potential problems with your home addition plans and propose solutions or counter ideas. Many of these suggestions can even save money and time on your home addition. A structural inspection in Tampa should be your first step in planning and carrying out any type or size home addition project.

Consult with an experienced structural engineer before consulting with a builder for your project. This will help you know what can and cannot be done to your home. An inexperienced builder may not be aware of some important structural concerns and could cause serious damage to your home. You should also check local zoning ordinances and building codes as you make addition plans. Some ideas may not be allowed in your particular neighborhood or area.

Quality Structural Inspections by Beryl

Beryl Project Engineering is not a construction company. We are also not connected with or beholden to any construction company. This means you can be confident that we will perform a top-quality structural inspection in Tampa and issue an accurate and unbiased report on the findings. Beware of any structural inspectors that represent construction companies – they may attempt to recommend work for their company that you do not need.

Beryl Project Engineering has a well-earned reputation for integrity and excellence in the Tampa/Hillsborough County, Florida area. You can trust our work to be of the highest quality and our customer service to be professional and courteous. Call or message us online today before you begin making plans for adding more living space to your home.