Structural Inspection | The foundation is the base on which your home sits. When it starts to have problems, it can weaken the entire structure. It is better to identify problems in the structural foundation when they start to occur so you can get them repaired quickly. That will protect your home and its value.

Signs of Structural Foundation Damage You Need to Watch Out For:

  • Fractures or cracks in the foundation – Take a walk around the perimeter of your home. The foundation should have no cracks or fractures in it. If you see these types of problems, you likely have part of your foundation settling faster than the rest.
  • Sloping or sagging foundation walls – From the corner of your home, look down the side of your foundation. It should be straight and upright. If you see any sagging or sloping, the foundation is compromised.
  • Crumbling concrete – Whether your foundation is made from concrete bricks or a solid concrete pour, all of the material should remain in good condition for years. If you see any parts crumbling or flaking off, the concrete is compromised.
  • Sagging floors – Do you have floors that slope or sag towards one or more walls? That sloping is a sign the structural foundation is lower on one side than the other.
  • Problems opening and closing doors and windows – One of the more obvious signs of foundation damage is problems opening and closing doors and windows. As the structure sags, the frames around the doors and windows get out of alignment, making it hard to open or close them.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a home inspection professional. That person can conduct a thorough inspection of your home and its foundation. That inspection should identify where the foundation damage is and what potentially caused it.

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