Properly Closing Building Permits

Any time you are building or remodeling commercial or residential property a building permit must be obtained. This gives you the legal permission from your city/county to begin construction work or demolition. These permits must be obtained before your project can begin and many people are vigilant about applying for their permits. However, at the end of your project, you must close your permits out. This step is something that many people sometimes forget.

Permits also sometimes remain open after construction is finished because a final inspection is never obtained, or the contractor did not complete the proper paper work before closing the job. No matter the reason, permits that are not closed can cause serious issues for sellers and buyers as the permit can potentially act as a lien on the site and are a liability to the property seller.

Permits that are closed vigilantly at the end of a project are the easiest to close. Permits that are left open for months or years after project completion can cause a major headache for people trying to obtain their permit closure letter because building codes may be different, and your municipality may force you to have the work redone to be in alignment with current codes such as City of Clearwater or City of Largo in Pinellas County.

In order to get a permit closure letter, you will need to have a final inspection on your home to ensure that all work completed as part of the permit was done to code at the time the permit was pulled through the buiding department. Once you pass your final inspection and the inspector signs off, you will be able to get your permit closure letter that officially closes your permits.

Hiring a contractor such as Beryl Engineering and Inspection to prepare your permit closure letter allows you to take the pressure off your shoulders and know that a professional is doing the inspection and filing the proper paperwork to verify your permits are closed and you can move forward with future projects or plans to sell.