Manufactured Home Inspection

Manufactured Home Inspection | If you are reading this, you are most likely all geared up to buy a manufactured home. As a buyer you must be informed about some important factors that must be considered before you make the final purchase of a house. Here are three important things to consider when buying a manufactured home:

Structure of the Mobile Home

Mobile homes are built in mainly two frames, a singlewide and a doublewide. Many buyers make it a priority to buy a doublewide manufactured home. That’s because the rooms are separated by a hallway while in a single wide mobile home, every room is connected to the other.

Cost of a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are not very expensive. They are affordable, and can even be purchased on a 0% down payment. The highest numbers of manufactured homes are in Florida. One important thing to mention here is that the premium of the insurance policy is a bit high. These insurance premiums are high because mobile homes are more prone to damages as compared to an apartment.

Inspection of Your Home

After you’ve decided which mobile home you will purchase and have a signed contract in place, that’s the time when you should avail manufactured home inspection services. The inspector is trained to observe and examine issues that an untrained eye can easily neglect. This will help you in deciding the fair value of the home and would help you to negotiate the price of the house.

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