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Purchasing a beautiful house is every family’s dream. We spend years planning our perfect living space, saving money, and waiting for the moment when it finally happens. It is challenging, stressful, and time-consuming, but at the same time exhilarating and satisfying. When the time to buy your perfect house comes, you have to make sure you purchase the right one. A bad investment will set you back for a few years. To avoid this conundrum, you should inspect the place properly. With that in mind, let’s discuss the importance of having your roof inspected before buying a house.

Roof repair or full re-roofing may cost you a small fortune

Here is a little fact for you. Re-roofing may cost around $50,000. That is not an expense you need, especially if you have just bought the place. A simple roof inspection will tell you everything you need to know about the current condition. If you evaluate that fixing the roof is necessary and will cost too much, you can ask the seller to drop the price or look for a better investment.

Issues with the roof can lead to health problems

A leaking roof is a perfect ground for mold. If mold spores penetrate your home, you and your family members could breathe them in. For that reason, looking for cracked shingles and mold is a part of any roof inspector’s checklist.

Also, there is a little trick that helps you tell if there is a roof problem. When you visit a house, take a quick look at the shingles. If it seems that there are spots that have a different shine, that is probably because a shingle is either cracked or distorted. When that happens, sun rays bounce at a different angle, creating this effect.

A damaged roof can lead to water damage inside the house

If you purchase a home without thoroughly checking the roof, you could have a very unpleasant surprise when the first rain hits. If you have a cracked roof, water damage is one of the most common interior issues. That can be especially dangerous if you keep boxes and other stuff in the attic. Not only that your attic may flood and destroy anything you have there, but the water can also penetrate the floor and damage the walls. Having your roof inspected before buying a house is simply a must.

A roof inspector can help you bring the price of the property down

If the roof inspector finds any issues, the property price will go down. If you think that the cost of fixing the roof is not high, you can use that to your benefit. Ask the seller to drop the price of the property. That can be a good tactic if you find a house you like. You just have to hope that at least one or two minor issues will allow you to negotiate the price. Now you see how a roof inspection helps you not overpay the property.

roof inspection

Any problems with roof tiles can lead to many expenses. If the roof inspector finds out any issues, that can lower the price of the property.


A roof inspection for your peace of mind

If you decide to purchase a home without checking the roof, you will always wonder if it is in good condition or not and lose sleep over it. Eventually, you will end up hiring a roof inspector. Worst of all, if a roof inspector finds something, there is no going back since you have already purchased the place. A roof inspection before the purchase is necessary for your peace of mind.

A healthy roof means no rodents or pests inside the house

There is nothing worse than finding rodents or pests inside the house. They could ruin your furniture and other belongings. Furthermore, they pose a serious health hazard. If it turns out you have rodents or pests, you will have to hire an exterminator, which creates additional expenses you don’t need. Inspecting the roof before purchasing a house makes sure that the home is pest-free.

A damaged shingle can fall off the roof and hurt someone

This is not as common as the other roof issues, but it is quite possible. If a damaged shingle falls off the roof, it could hit someone in the head and cause serious injury. It is better to hire a roof inspector before purchasing the place and prevent it from ever happening.

A quick summary of why having your roof inspected before buying a house is a smart decision

With everything that we have covered until now, we hope you understand the importance of roof inspection. That can save you a lot of problems and unpredicted expenses:

  • some homes require extensive roof repairs or even re-roofing, which will cost a lot of money;
  • roof problems can cause health issues;
  • a leaking roof will cause water damage to your belongings and even affect the wall and ceiling structure of the property;
  • a roof inspection can help you drop down the price of the property;
  • checking the roof before the purchase is a necessity for your peace of mind;
  • roof inspection will make sure you avoid issues with rodents and pests;
  • a damaged shingle poses a threat because it can fall from the roof and injure someone;

All of these examples are severe issues you could have with your roof. Furthermore, if you do the inspection on time, you can calculate if the property is worth the money or not. A roof inspection will also help you predict the amount of maintenance the property will require in the next few years. Some houses have new roofs, while others need extensive remodeling. Nevertheless, by having your roof inspected before buying a house, you will make sure that the property is just what you are looking for.


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Mark Michaels is a home inspector with over 15 years of experience. His extensive knowledge helped many families find the right home for the right price. Mark’s hobby is writing, so he uses that opportunity to work as a freelance blogger for Straight Shot Moving and provide guidance for real estate buyers or sellers.