Home Inspector Tampa | Types of Home Inspections


Home Inspector Tampa | Depending on the type of loan and type of home you are purchasing/selling, there are a variety of different home inspections that you may want to consider. A few of these home inspection types include: residential home inspection, FHA inspection, and 4-Point home inspection. These inspections vary with the depth of the inspection based on your personal needs.


Residential Home Inspection

A residential home inspection is a more general inspection that most buyers choose as the inspection for their family home. Buying a home is often the largest purchase a family ever makes. It is wise to gather as much research on the home before signing the contract. You do not want to be stuck with a home that has thousands of dollars of unknown repairs that are needed. The residential home inspection should provide you with an easy-to-read computerized inspection report with photos to support the information. A Beryl residential home inspection also provides you with a buy-back guarantee, appliance recall check and expired/open permit check.


FHA Home Inspection

FHA home inspections often coincide with an FHA loan and give the buyer a very detailed report regarding every aspect of the home. This type of home inspection involves a certified FHA home inspector looking at the structure, construction and mechanical systems. They will also verify which items in the home need to be repaired or replace and give you an idea of how much longer major home systems/equipment will last.


4-Point Home Inspection

The 4-point home inspection will help you meet your insurance carrier’s requirements to cover your older home. Four critical areas of your home are inspected, and a report is generated to present these conditions for your home owners policy. The four areas that are inspected are: roof, electrical, heating/ventilation/HVAC and plumbing. The 4-point inspection benefits the insurance company and the homeowner. The insurance company wants to verify these systems are operable and the homeowner wants to be able to prove this fact to get a better homeowner policy rate.


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