Home Inspector Tampa | How to Research Home Inspectors in Tampa


Home Inspector Tampa | If you are purchasing or selling a home in the Tampa area you will probably want to get a home inspection before completing the contract. A home inspector should give you the information you need to make a sound home buying/selling decision. The only way you can get this information is with a quality certified home inspector. There are plenty of home inspectors in Tampa, but proper research will narrow down which company best suits your needs.


Are They Licensed & Certified Home Inspectors?

One of the first characteristics you will want to look for when choosing a home inspector, is if they are licensed/certified in the areas that you need. Certain types of loans may require specific types of inspections. Make sure the company you choose offers that type of inspection and make sure that the inspectors are licensed/certified to provide the inspection. If you are unsure of the company’s qualifications, ask them to verify. A reputable company should have no problem showing you their certifications and explaining what they needed to do to receive them.


Call and Search the Internet

Finding a quality home inspector in Tampa will require a little research on your part. The easiest way is to search the internet for home inspectors in the Tampa area. You can then review their websites and reviews of the companies. Once you narrow your search down to a few companies that look promising, you can give them a call and discuss your exact needs. A reputable company should be able to take the information you provide and help you come up with a home inspection plan. They should be polite, courteous and sound like they truly care about your home inspection experience.


One company that checks all the boxes is Beryl Project Engineering. They provide licensed/certified home inspectors in Tampa that understand all aspects of the home buying/selling experience. Give Beryl a call today – 813-414-5938 – and let them show you all they can offer.