Home Inspector Tampa | First-time Homebuyer? FHA is a Great Option


Home Inspector Tampa | There are few things in life as exciting – and nerve-wracking – as buying your first home. This is almost certainly the largest purchase you have ever made, and there is a bit of a learning curve to understand the process before you can close a deal and take possession of the keys. As you get started thinking about your financing options, FHA loans are a great way to go. And, if you do wind up going with an FHA loan, Beryl would be happy to provide you with an FHA home inspection.

Lower Bar to Clear
As a newcomer to the world of trying to qualify for a mortgage, you may be surprised to learn just how difficult it can be to secure financing. Banks have rather strict requirements for borrowers, and it can be hard to meet those thresholds when first starting out. Fortunately, FHA loans are available to make things a bit easier. Down payment and credit score requirements are generally lower with the FHA, making homeownership possible for a greater number of people.

Still Not Automatic
Before you apply for any kind of home mortgage – whether through the FHA or a private lender – you will want to have your personal finances in the best possible condition. That means maintaining a steady employment history, avoiding taking on substantial debt, and having at least some money available for a down payment.

One other thing to keep in mind as a first-time buyer is the importance of an FHA home inspection. You don’t want to go into a purchase just assuming that the home you are buying is in good condition. This transaction is far too important to make any assumptions. Have an FHA home inspection completed by a trusted company – like Beryl Engineering & Inspection – and move forward with peace of mind.