Many homeowners choose to live in Florida because we enjoy plenty of sunshine. Florida also endures some significant weather at times. There are also many sources of water throughout the Sunshine State. This means that water infiltration can become a real problem for homeowners. Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa knows the signs that indicate a dry crawlspace has leak troubles.

Evidence of Past Water Intrusion

Even a crawlspace that is completely dry at the time your home inspector in Tampa performs an inspection can show evidence of past water leak issues. Your Beryl Certified Master Inspector knows the signs that indicate a water problem. The most compelling evidence includes:

Damp Odor

The damp, musty odor of standing water will persist even after the water has evaporated or been removed. This persistent odor is caused by mold spores that remain after the water has gone. Dry spores can easily spread onto other surfaces and contaminate everything in the crawlspace.

Mold and Mildew

Mold or mildew may not be readily visible but this insidious invader can grow in hidden places where evaporation has occurred more slowly. Mold spores tend to thrive where floors meet walls, behind appliances, in corners and underneath items that hold moisture.

Flaking Masonry Paint

Many homeowners try to keep a crawlspace dry by painting or applying a waterproofing coating to masonry walls. Water that seeps through crawlspace walls will cause this coating to bubble up and flake away over time.


Effervescence is the chalky, white residue that forms on masonry when a water infiltration problem exists. The moisture seeps through the masonry and brings minerals from the masonry itself. The water evaporates and leaves the minerals behind. Pronounced water infiltration can even leave a line of effervescence along the wall.

Water Intrusion and Your Home Inspector in Tampa

Florida’s climate makes your Beryl home inspector from Tampa pay particular attention to any signs of water intrusion. Water can travel and cause serious damage to the components of your home. Any indications of water intrusion or damage will be recorded on your home inspection report. Feel free to discuss these problems and their likely causes with your home inspector in Tampa.

Home inspectors from Beryl Project Engineering can help you discover water intrusion problems before they become serious. Call, email or send us an online message to schedule an inspection from a reliable home inspector in Tampa.