Avoid These 5 Mistakes with Home Inspections in Tampa

Many home buyers and sellers in Tampa, Florida, are unsure how to handle home inspections. Get it right the first time and avoid these five home inspections mistakes.


Failure to Prepare the Home

Make sure the home is ready for a home inspection by providing access to every area. Open any locks and remove items or furniture that blocks passageways or access doors. If repairs were necessary from an earlier inspection, have them completed by a professional before scheduling another inspection.

Leaving Home Inspections to Another Party

Too many home owners and buyers assume that home inspections are the other party’s responsibility. This confusion holds up the sales process, especially if repairs are needed. Sellers should schedule an inspection early to detect any defects in the home. Buyers should always demand an inspection to be sure the home they wish to buy is safe.

Not Reading the Inspection Report

Read through the report of all home inspections in the presence of the inspector. Ask questions about terms or items you do not understand. Listen and make further notes about the inspector’s recommendations.


Not Attending the Inspection

Scheduling home inspections in your absence is a serious mistake. You should always be present in case the inspector has questions or requires your help with locks or other barriers. Be present when the inspector arrives, introduce yourself, and answer any questions. If you must leave, provide your mobile number to the inspector.

Not Researching the Home Inspector

Why would you trust anyone with “home inspections” printed on the door of their vehicle? Ask any prospective home inspectors to show proof of their experience and qualifications, as well as any relevant certifications. A professional home inspector will show proof of experience and give references of satisfied clients.

Beryl Home Inspection provides home inspections that exceed InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice. They include computerized inspection reports with photos and permit checks, and we have engineers on staff who are ready to address any structural defects. Contact us today to find out how we serve you with our Tampa residential home inspections.