After a particularly noticeable winter, the snow has gone and temperatures have returned to a comfortable 80-something degrees. Spring is finally upon us! It’s the perfect time for outdoor home improvements to prep for the backyard festivities ahead. Best part? Rose all day – plus the significant value these alfresco projects can add to your home. Here are five suggestions to maximize investment:

  1. Landscape: Curb appeal looks great now and attracts more potential buyers when selling time comes. Spring is optimal for adding new flowers for a pop of color, mulch or edging for tidiness, and sprucing up the grass for a head-turning front yard. Just be sure that the landscaping design is in tune with the architectural style of the home for a harmonious feel.
  2. Revamp the front door:Over 90% of the cost of upgrading to a 20-gauge steel unit door can be recouped when selling a home. Improved energy efficiency is another bonus. These doors look great with glass panel installs and locksets in brass finish. Consider painting for a pop of color and instant eye-catching effect. Feeling adventurous? Check out the 2018 Pantone color of the year, ultra violet.
  3. Build a deck: Adding usable space enhances a home now plus increases value for future selling. Over 63% of the cost of adding a composite deck and over 82% of the cost of adding a wooden one can be regained in the sale of a home. A deck should complement a lifestyle but be aware that special features such as built-in flowerpots, built-in furniture, and multiple stairs may not increase the value of a home at selling. These luxuries can overvalue the home causing a hindrance when selling. So, a dream deck is an option, but be aware that a lower percentage of building costs may be recouped at selling.
  4. Remove mildew: A garden sprayer and a mildewcide is all it takes to kill mildew while keeping siding and landscaping intact. This simple cosmetic enhancement can enhance the appearance and overall value of a home. Keep mildew away by upgrading to a mold and mildew-proof paint.
  5. Replace rotting trim and columns: Replace rotting wood around windows with PVC moldings and millwork to circumvent splintering, decay, and insect infestation. Trade rotting rail work and columns for fiberglass options. The result will be a low maintenance upgrade that can be enjoyed for years plus increase value when selling time comes.

These are some fresh ideas for smart enhancements to your home this spring to add value to your home!  Article Written by Niki Cannyn. Niki is a 203k Specialist with Beryl Project Engineering. Contact Beryl at 813-280-1827.