DIY websites and television programs have grown popular as homeowners seek to save money by handling many renovations or upgrades themselves. Contracting a professional to perform work on your home can become expensive – but so can the repairs necessary after you’ve gotten in too deep. Here are the most common DIY renovation problems discovered by a home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering.

Electrical Problems

Even the simplest electrical projects can become problematic or even dangerous. A home inspector in Tampa will often discover additional outlets that overload circuits and pose electrocution or fire hazards. Room additions with ad-hoc wiring are easily identified and recorded on the home inspection report as violating state electrical codes and safety. Most electrical projects should always be left to a licensed electrician and never placed on your DIY project list.

Plumbing Problems

Far too many DIY plumbing problems evolve from small leaks or dripping faucets to major problems that cause significant damage to floors and surrounding structures. A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl can easily spot DIY plumbing that is leaking or improperly installed and not code-compliant. Water poses such a risk for damaging items and materials in your home that plumbing problems should usually be left to a licensed plumber who can guarantee the work performed is correct and meets local codes.

Structural Improvements

A Beryl home inspector in Tampa will occasionally run into a homeowner DIY room addition or expansion where a wall has been removed and caused all manner of structural problems. Often this has been a load-bearing wall that cannot easily be knocked out to create extra space. The subsequent structural stresses have affected other areas of the home over time and created an unsafe environment. Other walls, floor, and structural components are unduly stressed and the home can be in danger of collapse. Never perform any renovations that involve structural work yourself. Always enlist a licensed and experienced contractor to handle those improvements.

Why You Need an Experienced Home Inspector in Tampa

Tampa homeowners are among those who seek out ways to DIY projects to save money and this can create problems. An experienced home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering can discover poor DIY problems in a home inspection before you purchase a home. This can save you lots of money and headaches down the road if you choose to purchase the home.

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