Babyproofing Installation

Babyproofing Installation in Tampa FL

Babyproofing installation and childproofing a home in Tampa FL are so much more than buying some products at a local hardware store or hiring a handyman as part of a honey-do list. You need expert installers and carpenters with the ability to perform on-the-spot custom work for gates and cabinets. You need access to the latest in baby and child safety equipment. You need access to electricians that can swap out electrical duplex boxes. You need access to HVAC technicians that can service your AC equipment that you haven’t changed the filter on in over 6 months.

Our expert installers and carpenter team arrives to your home at a scheduled appointment time. They are neat, tidy, and clean. They wear booties on their feet and adhere to current CDC guidelines for Covid-19 masks. They vacuum up their work areas before they leave and are respectful of the fact you might have a sleeping child in the next room. The areas we cover typically include:

Beryl’s team of expert installers and carpenters allows you to spend more time with your family knowing that we are using quality products chosen by our in-house engineers and inspectors. Best yet, this installation typically takes place in less than a day.

For those of you who are handy with tools, we can still provide you with our complete selection of top quality products. Some items require very little in the way of tools and experience to install properly, others require a good knowledge of tools and wall construction to install them safely. If in doubt, please use our experienced safety team to equip your home properly. Your child’s safety is not the place to take chances!

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