A Structural inspection is an assessment of the bones of your home. All the supportive structure from the foundation to the wall studs, ceilings, attic, and roof. Flooring and subflooring are also including in many structural inspections.

Structural inspections cover the most important aspect of a new home—safety and soundness. Every home buyer wants their new home to be a safe place for their family where they don’t have to worry about leaking roofs, sagging foundation, basement blooding, or septic backup, insect or mold infestations. However, sometimes a structural inspection will reveal the things we dread most.

Here are the top 3 worst issues to have on your structural inspection report:

  1. Foundation Problems- Foundation issues are almost always expensive to fix and require a lot of time to do so. All homes settle, and foundations may acquire hairline cracks; however, some of these cracks can be a really big deal. A Beryl’s home inspector can help you navigate whether a crack in the foundation is normal or indicates structural weakness.
  2. Roof Issues- Water spots on ceilings and curling or missing shingles are often huge indicators of roof problems that are costly. A bad roof can prevent a buyer from closing on a home since replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Pest Infestation- If your home is rural or surrounded by natural habitats, having a mouse or two may be common and normal. Termites are the real villain you should be concerned about. Termites eat wood and can really damage the structural integrity of your home.

At Beryl’s Engineering and Inspection Structural engineers are ready and eager to assess your home or your potential home’s integrity with non-biased opinions and certified inspectors with many years of experience.