Home renovations and remodeling can take place all year, however, don’t rule out your home improvement project because you think summer days are too busy. With flexible schedules, summer grilling, and longer days of sunshine, it’s a great time to complete those home renovation projects 

Summer is also peak season for real estate transactions. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, a bathroom or kitchen refresh will definitely boost your asking price. 

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are lost for ideas, here are a few that can fit almost any budget: 

  • Remove a wall and open up a room  
  • Update your kitchen 
  • Install new energy-efficient windows 
  • Fix that rotted siding 
  • Enjoy family time with a new outdoor kitchen 
  • Who doesn’t want a new bathroom?  
  • Increase storage space with a new garage

Going it on your own! 

You’ve spent countless Saturdays watching DIY shows. You got this! However, home renovations, especially work done on older homes, can create a lot of unforeseen challenges. What’s behind that wall you are opening up? Where did that wire come from? Is this a load-bearing wall? When taking on new projects, you should always expect the unexpected because as much as we want everything to go as planned, it won’t. Ultimately, it can be overwhelming to determine the critical aspects of your home renovation project. 

Do you need a permit for your summer project? 

You are ready to pull the trigger on that new kitchen. One of the first things you’ll need to do is get a permit. Perhaps you’ve had a neighbor share with you the updates he has done, and he has never bothered wasting money on permitting, so why should you? Ultimately, the choice is yours, but obtaining proper permits can be critical to avoid specific issues that could delay or derail your project entirely. 

Building without permits can lead to: 

  • Safety issues: How do you know the wiring behind the walls is done correctly? 
  • Resale value: Most buyers are cautious of renovations with no permitting on record. 
  • Insurance: How sure are you that water damage from the new bath will be covered should you need to file a claim? 

Hire professionals for your home renovation project 

While not every home renovation project requires professional help, a consultation might be a good idea so you have a realistic expectation about the work needed to complete the task. A professional has the expertise, knowledge, and resources to undertake your project efficiently. They can also offer any suggestions you may not have thought of should you hit a road bump in your renovation plan. A good residential structural engineer will enhance the appearance of your home while balancing your budget and the need for functionality. 

When considering home renovation projects, look for high-quality structural engineer design services. You will want to hire a company to design your renovation according to the right specifications, protecting your family’s safety and the investment you have in your home. At Beryl Engineering & Inspection, we have provided support to Florida homeowners for more than 10 years. We know how to design according to the most recent Florida Building Code and industry best practices. If you are ready for a change, visit our website or contact us at 813-616-3301.