Benefits of Having a Wind Mitigation Inspection

If you live in a place that often sees storms or other strong winds, you know how dangerous they can be. So, you also know how important protecting your home from strong winds is. This applies to the long and short term, as you never know when the wind can cause damage. One of the better ways to protect your house from wind damage is to have a wind mitigation inspection. By consulting an expert, you can find out what you can improve to make your home safer. There are, however, other benefits of having a wind mitigation inspection which we will go over.

Having a wind mitigation inspection keeps your insurance provider happy

Insurance companies have been trying to stop dishonest claims for a long time. Because of false claims and claims which aim to exploit insurance services, insurance providers can, due to New Legislation, either severely limit insurance compensations or let clients go based on the condition of their roof, overall home, or lack of wind mitigation. Getting a wind mitigation inspection can help you quite a bit when keeping your provider happy. And in the long run, keeping your insurance provider is an excellent idea. After all, insurance provides peace of mind if something goes wrong, and you want to ensure it doesn’t get rejected. To that end, knowing when you need a four-point inspection is also essential. As we mentioned, insurers can let go of clients based on the overall condition of their home, so make sure yours is fine.

Lower prices for insurance

We already mentioned that insurance providers are now taking wind mitigation more seriously. Well, they are willing to offer discounts as an incentive for households to engage with wind mitigation. As such, having a wind mitigation inspection means that you can get better prices for your insurance. If your house does well on the inspection, your home inspector can forward their report to your current or potential insurance provider. If these providers see that your home is well protected against wind damage, they’ll likely be willing to provide discounts. You can save money in the long run by doing this while also ensuring your home is safe. All in all, however, keeping your home safe from harsh winds should be the main reason for getting an inspection. Fixing wind damage can be costly, so avoiding it should be a priority.

Peace of mind

Living in an area that sees strong winds often can get pretty stressful for homeowners. After all, frequent storms and strong winds can easily damage your home without proper wind mitigation. A wind mitigation inspection can help give you peace of mind by knowing your house is adequately protected. Feeling safe in your home is incredibly important to ignore the benefits of insurance. So, finding out if your house is structurally sound against storms or if something needs to be changed should be a priority. Following the same logic, a foundation inspection should also be done to make sure your home is safe. Knowing what to expect from a home foundation inspection can help make the process easier. All in all, however, you can never be too safe when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. So, make sure experts do the inspections.

Avoiding serious damage to your home

All in all, the best way to approach damage to your home is to be proactive. Repairing extensive damage to a property tends to get very expensive very quickly. As such, avoiding it should always be a priority for homeowners. To this end, a wind mitigation inspection can help you pinpoint potential problems and fix them before something goes wrong. Most homeowners are unaware of the issues which leave their homes susceptible to wind damage. These include fragile roof-wall joints, not enough fasteners, and rot in your walls, crawl spaces, and attic. Fixing these problems is much easier and cheaper than repairing the damage they can cause. Additionally, knowing when you need a building condition assessment is also fairly important. This assessment can also point out potentially serious issues which need to be fixed quickly. Of course, there might not be any issues, but making sure you’re safe is important.

Making a repair plan

Whether your house is old or you just moved into a new house, you might need to put together a repair plan for it. Well, a wind mitigation inspection can help quite a lot with this. As we mentioned already, the inspection points out any potential issues which could cause serious damage. And if you’re making a repair plan for your home, you’ll want to know about every problem before going through with it. More specifically, however, this will let you know what you need to do in order to stabilize your home and make sure it can handle storms and strong winds. All in all, you can never be too safe when it comes to your home. This especially applies to repair plans, as they can often turn out to be fairly expensive. As such, you want to make sure to fix every issue when repairing your home.

Benefits of having a wind mitigation inspection – wrap up

There are many reasons you’d want to ensure your home is safe against strong winds. From keeping your insurance providers happy to feeling safe in your home, the main reason should always be trying to avoid severe damage to your home. We all know how dangerous storms and strong winds can be, and because of this, keeping our homes adequately protected is incredibly important. After all, safety is critical and should never be ignored. Of course, avoiding expensive repairs and getting discounts on insurance is a nice bonus. We hope this list of benefits of having a wind mitigation inspection has helped convince you to get one, and we wish you an excellent rest of your day.

Author bio: Alex Miller is an expert home inspector and freelance author who often works with companies like to ensure people are safe in their homes, and wants to ensure everyone knows how to make their homes safe.