Your home inspector in Tampa, FL is a trained and licensed specialist that performs a specific function. His or her work is outlined by industry standards and guidelines that are generally accepted by all home inspectors and other real estate professionals. You can depend on your home inspection professional from Beryl Project Engineering to do a thorough job inspecting the major areas and systems of your home. 

You can also depend on your home inspector in Tampa, FL to not stray outside the boundaries of his or her defined role. Home inspectors are not:


  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Structural engineers
  • Carpenters
  • Repair contractors
  • Home value estimators 
  • Building code experts 


Home inspectors are often asked to go beyond the scope of their defined role by clients who may be unfamiliar with that role. Learning more about what your home inspector in Tampa, FL will not do will help you be better prepared for your home inspection. 

Do Home Inspectors make repairs? 

Home inspectors most often have a background in construction that lends them valuable knowledge and insight for providing inspections. But it is considered a conflict of interest for a home inspector to offer to make repairs on a home they have inspected. This was used too often in days gone by as a means to generate business and is now considered completely unethical. 

Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa, FL will not make any offers concerning repairs that may be indicated on the home inspection report. He or she will also not recommend any contractors to perform any such repairs. We are an independent home inspection firm and are not connected with any construction or contracting company. 

Does a Home Inspector take Safety into Consideration? 

Your home inspector in Tampa, FL will not risk your or their own safety to complete a home inspection. They will not climb unsafe ladders or enter unsafe spaces. They will not risk icy or slippery surfaces to gain access to parts of the home. 

There is also the ethical concept of a “duty to warn” that is included in home inspection guidelines. InterNACHI states, “Many inspectors consider it their ethical and even moral duty to disclose to all relevant parties any imminent hazards they discover in the course of an inspection.” 

Your Beryl home inspector will disclose any issues that pose an immediate threat to health or safety discovered during the course of the home inspection. The inspection will be stopped immediately if the inspector uncovers a problem with the home rendering it unsafe for habitation or for anyone to be inside. 

Will a Home Inspector Provide an Estimate on Home Value?

It is considered unethical and beyond their scope of expertise for a home inspector to offer an opinion on a home’s value or the price being asked or paid for a home. Only a trained real estate appraiser can compose a reliable opinion on a home’s value. The home inspection report will be a valuable tool they will use in making their estimate. Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa, FL will not offer any opinions or answer any questions about a home’s value or marketability. 

Will a Home Inspector provide a prognosis on Home Systems?  

The home inspector’s job is to give a report on the current condition of a home and its major systems. This does not include prognostications about a system or component’s life expectancy or how soon a buyer can expect to need to make repairs. Your home inspector in Tampa, FL will provide an accurate report of the home’s condition and note any issues of concern. Further investigations may be recommended but this in no way is a comment on life expectancy. 

Will a Home Inspector move furniture to access important spaces? 

We always recommend the homeowner or a representative be present during home inspections for this reason. Someone should be available to ensure the inspector has access to every part of the home to be inspected. This includes the attic, basement or crawl space, and opening any locked spaces. Part of preparing for a home inspection is to make sure no furniture or other items block access to important areas of the home. A large shelf blocking the electrical panel is an example. Home inspectors are not required to move any items or inspect any areas to which they do not have access. They will simply note on the report that this area could not be inspected. 


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