The number one thing that any new parent wants is for their child to grow up healthy and happy. The first step to ensuring your baby is safe at home, is to baby proof your house; however, first-time parents are often a bit lost on where to start. The easiest way to get started is to get started right away by calling a baby proofing company in Tampa.

Which Room to Baby Proof First?

Babies spend most of their time as newborns asleep which makes the nursery the best room to baby proof first. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, is still the number one leading cause of death in newborns and a baby proofing company in Tampa can help you create a safe nursery environment. 

If your baby doesn’t have their own room and is sleeping on the bedside in your room in a bassinet, many of the basics to baby proofing will overlap, but there will be some differences to consider. 

Baby proofing the nursery basics:

  • Keep crib away from windows
  • Avoid curtain coverings that have cords
  • Crib should be outfitted with a tight, fitted sheet
  • Avoid crib bumpers, pillows, blankets or soft toys in the crib
  • Anchor all heavy furniture to the wall 
  • Use wireless baby monitors 
  • Check for safety recalls on all of the baby things before birth

A baby proofing company in Tampa can provide an assessment and complete rundown of everything you need to baby proof the nursery!

How to Baby Proof the Rest of the House

As your baby becomes more mobile (crawling, walking, pulling up on things) the rest of the house becomes just as important to effectively baby proof. If your baby isn’t born yet, we always recommend baby proofing the entire house at once, but it is especially important to finish the baby proofing job before your infant starts to crawl. 

A professional baby proofing company has seen it all, and can assess each room in your home for safety concerns and create recommended action plans. Although it’s nearly impossible to create a completely hazard free home, there are several areas of the home that must be prioritized for safety including anywhere medications, weapons, chemicals, cleaning products, or other dangerous objects are stored. You’ll also want to pay special attention to fall hazards just as stairs and windows, tall furniture, and sharp edges. 

If you are interested in learning more about baby proofing your home, contact Beryl Baby Proofing company in Tampa at 815-550-2413.