Tampa, Florida, is the ideal location for a personal swimming pool. Our sunny, beautiful climate allows for pool owners to enjoy the water for the maximum amount of time throughout the year, making installing a new pool an attractive option for homeowners. When you need a structural design in Tampa for pool design, contact Beryl Project Engineering. Our skilled and seasoned design engineers can work with you to design and create working plans for any type and size of the swimming pool. 


Adding a personal swimming pool to your property requires evaluating certain factors. There are many different types of pools and custom designs can make yours totally unique to your property and wishes. Or you may wish to choose from existing pool designs and plans that better fit your budget and needs. 


Consulting with a design engineer from Beryl Project Engineering is your first step. We can work with you and factor in your pool budget, available land area and access, personal needs and desires and your ideas to create designs from which you can choose. We use the latest tools and technology in 3D design to show you pool renderings and how they could appear on your property. It all begins with a swimming pool design consultation. 

Swimming Pool Design Consultation 

There is much more to installing a swimming pool than stepping off dimensions and digging a hole. Precise plans must be created and followed to make sure your swimming pool is safe, and functional, and will last for years to come. The pool structural design in Tampa by a licensed engineer are the guide contractors will use when building your pool. That means you want the best possible plans that cover the entire scope of work. 


According to the Florida Residential Building Code, private swimming pools must conform to the latest residential building code requirements for pools. Private swimming pools that fall under this code are defined as, “Any structure, located in a residential area, that is intended for swimming or recreational bathing and contains water over 24 inches (610 mm) deep including but not limited to in-ground, above-ground, and on-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and nonportable spas.”


Your pool structural design in Tampa should include: 

  • General layout 
  • Property layout with the pool’s location
  • Pool wall type and size
  • Depth measurements
  • Structural specifications and plans
  • Steelwork specifications and plans
  • Mechanical specifications and plans
  • Electrical specifications and plans
  • Plumbing specifications and plans
  • Gas piping specifications and plans
  • Safety measures, including fencing and gates 


This complete detailed plan is required in Tampa before any permits for construction can be pulled. The entire scope of work must be outlined to current code specifications. 


Beryl Project Engineering will first meet with you to collect measurements and data about your pool project. Then one of our licensed and skilled engineers will create a report detailing the condition of all related structural components of the property, including photos and the scope of their relationship to your pool. The final step is to provide a set of detailed blueprints for construction that can be used by each contractor to pull permits and guide the work. 


This is our basic process that is followed for room additions, remodels, roof design/repair, foundation repair, pool plans and new build structural designs in Tampa. 

Pool Structural Design in Tampa 

Who may need a pool structural design in Tampa? Homeowners, contractors, architects and investors involved in pool construction or redesign projects can contact Beryl Project Engineering for skilled and seasoned pool structural design. We also offer structural design in Tampa for pool remodeling when old or outdated pools need to be brought back to life. 


Contact Beryl Project Engineering today and ask about pool structural design in Tampa for your home swimming pool project.