New parents may not pay much attention when it comes to baby proofing their windows. Infants cannot climb out of the window, right? However, if you ask a baby proofing company in Tampa, you will find out that windows pose more of a threat to babies than being able to fall out of them. 

How to Baby Proof Your Windows Using Baby Proofing Company Professionals

Every year more than 5,000 babies go to the hospital because of a fall out of a window. Most of those accidents involved babies pushing out screens from the windows and taking a tumble. You do not need a baby proofing company in Tampa to tell you that childproof window locks are a necessity for your home; however, there are a few other baby proofing techniques you need to know that will help keep windows safe.

  • Switch to Cordless Blinds- If your curtains, blinds, or window coverings have cords you will want to switch to cordless versions. Window cords, pulls, and strings are choking and strangulation hazards for babies. 
  • Window Guards- When your baby starts crawling, standing, and climbing, the risk of window injuries increases. Many parents choose to upgrade to window guards to help protect against falls or accidentally breaking the window. Window guards create a barrier between the baby and the window, while still allowing sunlight to come through and clear views to see.
  • Remove Window Cranks- Your baby may not be strong enough to lift a window open, but they will quickly learn to turn a crank. Casement windows should have the cranks removed (they are super easy to unscrew and screw back in when you need to open the window!) to prevent babies from opening the window on their own and falling out.
  • Reconsider Curtains- Babies love colorful, soft, flowy fabric, and could pull down the curtains by yanking too hard on them. Curtains and drapes can be very heavy and can pose a suffocation risk to infants and young children if the curtains cover them after falling. Curtain rods can also come down with the curtains if they are installed incorrectly or the screws have come loose. A bonk on the head from a falling curtain rod can cause significant injury including a concussion or worse. 

Baby proofing your home is vital to making sure your baby grows up in a safe and healthy environment. There are many aspects of babyproofing parents are prone to forgetting or not thinking about which is exactly why so many families are turning to a baby proofing company in Tampa to help them set up their home for their expanding brood. 

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