Everyone is concerned about large problems being uncovered by a home inspector in Tampa. Large problems are not uncommon. But even more common are small issues that can be easily repaired with just a few hours of DIY labor and minimal expense. These are items worthy of being noted by a home inspector in Tampa and repairing them can make a considerable difference when selling your home. 

Missing Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Smoke and carbon monoxide protection are vital to your family’s safety. The current Florida Fire Prevention code requires smoke detectors powered by house power and a battery backup be located inside and outside each sleeping room and on every floor level in newly built homes. Other smoke detectors should be located near living areas and kitchens on floors without bedrooms. 

Florida law also states that any new home or addition to a home constructed after July 1, 2008, with a fossil-fuel burning heater or appliance, a fireplace or attached garage shall have a carbon monoxide alarm installed within 10 feet of each sleeping room. A home inspector in Tampa will list these as prominent safety code violations if these detectors are missing. 

Dysfunctional Switches & Outlets

Many electrical switches and outlets become worn, loose and otherwise unsafe from constant use throughout the years. Homeowners do not notice the deterioration because it happens over time and just becomes how things are in the home. Loose electrical fixtures or outlets that are worn or dysfunctional are a serious fire hazard and need replacement. 

Simple replacements can be done DIY if the homeowner takes the proper safety precautions and follows a safe replacement protocol. Those not familiar with electrical systems and their components should contract a licensed electrician to perform these tasks. Switches or outlets that become warm during use should also be replaced. 

Doors / Windows Out of Adjustment 

Doors and windows that do not open and close properly can be a safety hazard as well as waste energy by allowing unwanted airflow. Many homeowners have never opened some windows and don’t know if they are jammed shut or fully functional. Doors that drag on the floor or doorframe can be caused by doorframes coming loose, sagging hinges or more serious settling problems. 

Loose / Leaky Faucets 

Loose and leaky faucets are prime sources of hidden water damage. Water can flow underneath the faucet or fixture, underneath the countertops and into hidden cabinet areas where it may not be detected until serious damage has already occurred. Loose or leaky faucets near electrical outlets are also a shock hazard and will typically be listed as a safety hazard by a home inspector in Tampa. 

Absence of GFCI Outlets 

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are designed to shut off the flow of electricity when any “fault” or interruption in the flow is detected by an internal sensor. Florida building codes require GFCI outlets in all bathrooms and kitchens and other areas with ready access to water (within 6 feet of a sink), in garages, unfinished basements, crawlspaces and boathouses. 

Loose / Dysfunctional Light Fixtures 

Loose or dysfunctional light fixtures are also considered electrical hazards and will be listed by a home inspector in Tampa as a safety hazard. This includes lighted ceiling fans that do not turn or operate and any that hum excessively when turning. This can be a sign of worn internal electrical components that can short or otherwise cause a fire. 

Loose Bathroom Toilet Fixture 

A loose bathroom toilet fixture is simply a sign of wear over time, but it can be a safety hazard. Users can fall off the toilet and injure themselves. This can also be because of leaks that have worn away the underlying flooring surface. Loose toilets can often hide serious water damage underneath and should always be inspected and repaired. 

A home inspector in Tampa will be accustomed to seeing these common issues and flagging them on a home inspection report for attention. A few hours and a few hundred dollars can solve most or all of these issues and make a more favorable impression on prospective buyers. Contact Beryl Project Engineering for home inspection services in Tampa and surrounding communities.