Water in your basement or crawl space is a cause for concern. How much concern is hard to determine without a professional evaluation. When does water intrusion warrant structural inspections in Tampa and when is it just a minor nuisance problem? 

Common Causes for Water Intrusion 

The high water table in Florida makes it almost impossible to dig a basement in most areas. Crawl spaces are more common in Tampa-area homes to allow access to plumbing and structural elements. A high water table can be a common culprit for water intrusion underneath your home. Area flooding or seasonal weather conditions can frequently cause water to rise up and pool in your crawl space. 

Extensive coastline and the many lakes, rivers, and streams throughout Florida make localized flooding a common occurrence. Hurricanes and other heavy storms can bring rain and wind that drive water underneath your Tampa home. This water can often sit for days before draining away or pool for even longer periods of time. 

Leaky plumbing can create pools of water underneath your home that can stand for days or weeks without notice. Any rise in your water bill or sounds of running water should always be investigated promptly. Standing water is more than a nuisance. It is a danger to the health and the structural integrity of your home. 

Your HVAC unit can also sometimes drain excess water that can run underneath your home. Hotter weather works your unit harder and creates more water to be drained. This water can erroneously run underneath your home and create pools. Be sure to check your HVAC unit periodically for proper drainage that channels water away from your home. 

Structural problems with your home can also allow water to drain underneath instead of away. Heavy rains can easily find open areas to enter your home. Water follows the path of least resistance downward along internal components and structures until it reaches your crawl space. This water can pool and reach your home’s foundation. 

When are Structural Inspections in Tampa Needed? 

Pooling water in your home’s crawl space or nearby your outside walls is more than a nuisance problem. Certain types of soil, especially clay, swell when wet. This exerts pressure on your home’s foundation and increases the risk of shifting or cracks. Pooling water near your home or in your crawl space is a sign that you may need a Tampa structural inspection. A professional engineer from Beryl Project Engineering can assess the condition of your home and determine if damage to your foundation has occurred as a result of pooling water. 

A vital function of structural inspections in Tampa is to locate the source of pooling water so a solution can be created. Simple runoff from storms or rising and falling water from the low water table will need a solution to remove the water and prevent prolonged pooling underneath your home. 

Structural problems that allow water to enter through your home and pool underneath can be difficult to locate without a professional engineer inspection. Beryl’s structural inspections in Tampa can locate any damaged or worn components that are allowing water to invade and cause problems. We can also recommend a solution. 

Protect Your Investment with Structural Inspections in Tampa 

Damage to your home poses risks to your family, your possessions, and your overall investment. Water is vital for life, but it is also a source of incredible damage. This damage is often hidden until it becomes quite extensive and costly to repair. Pooling water underneath or nearby your home needs to be investigated promptly. 

Contact Beryl Project Engineering for structural inspections in Tampa if you suspect that pooling water has caused damage to your home or its foundation. A home inspection professional or waterproofing professional may also recommend a structural inspection if called upon to inspect pooling water. Contact us soon for professional engineer inspections and seasoned recommendations for remedying pooling water and any resulting structural damage.