Beryl Project Engineering has representatives who are eminently qualified to serve as an expert witness in litigation before the courts of the State of Florida. We have many years of experience and training that has earned a solid reputation of integrity and expertise for our company throughout Tampa. Our company name and engineers are trusted to render accurate and reliable judgements when an expert witness is needed in areas where we hold expertise.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an individual with the education, training, skills, licensing, certifications, experience, and proficiency in a particular field that renders their opinions and judgements reliable as evidence in a court of law. Legal matters frequently depend on expert witnesses to give testimony on matters that are beyond the knowledge and/or expertise of the court or its officials. This helps the court to discover the facts about relevant matters and render necessary judgments based on those facts.

Representatives of Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa, FL, possess the training, knowledge, skills, and experience to serve as expert witnesses in cases where litigation concerning construction-related and structural engineering matters are being determined. Call our office and speak to a Beryl engineer about your specific needs.

To Whom Does an Expert Witness Owe Allegiance or Loyalty?

One could truthfully say that the primary allegiance of an expert witness is to the truth. An expert witness has a duty of care to perform research, evaluations, and investigations into the matter in question before the court with diligence and professionalism. His or her opinion is to be soundly based on facts and accepted knowledge of the relevant subject matter. This testimony will become important evidence on which serious decisions will be based.

One could also argue that the allegiance of an expert witness is to the court. The court and all involved officers and parties are to seek the truth. Bearing witness to the truth as an expert witness takes precedence over any obligation to the party that pays his or her fees. Their testimony must be honest, reliable, and unbiased.

Who Would Need an Expert Witness in Litigation?

Expert witnesses are frequently called on to bear specific types of testimony in legal matters where the court or its officers do not possess the necessary knowledge of a matter that would allow them to render a fair judgement. Clients that commonly seek the services of an expert witness from Beryl Project Engineering include insurance companies, construction companies, design firms, building owners, and private persons.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering at 813-592-6616 and speak to one of our engineers about your needs for an expert witness in litigation.