Most homeowners only think about storm damage after major weather events that bring flooding, heavy winds, and catastrophic effects. But storm damage can occur to your Tampa home after strong hail, unusual wind events, and even a heavier-than-normal rain. Much storm damage from these weather events goes unnoticed until a home inspector in Tampa discovers it in a pre-sale home inspection. 

You should closely inspect your home after every type of storm to determine if any damage has occurred. Even the smallest damage could allow moisture intrusion that may cause major long-term damage that is not discovered for a long time. Here are some small signs of storm damage commonly found by a home inspector in Tampa. 

Roof Damage 

Much damage to your home’s roof cannot be easily observed from the ground. Dents in the shingles, broken or missing shingles or tiles, torn or split seams, and missing pieces of flashing from around the chimney all qualify as storm damage. Any of these conditions warrant a closer inspection of the roof and attic spaces for leaks and/or further structural damage. 

Wall Damage

Slight damage to wall coverings like vinyl siding or stucco can be hard to spot. Cracks, chips, and dents can all signal possible damage underneath the siding. Holes or cracks in siding or soffit can allow moisture intrusion. Even brick walls can show dents, excessive cracks, or missing pieces that could allow water inside. 

Window & Door Damage 

Damaged window casings can sometimes not appear damaged until fogging occurs between thermal window panes. Cracks can allow air and moisture which causes such fogging. A home inspector in Tampa will notice fogged windows immediately and indicate repairs are needed on his or her report. Also look for dents or discolorations in exterior doors, door frames, and trim as signs of damage caused by excessive weather. 

Bonus Tip 

A commonly missed area of storm damage includes decks, fences, and railings. Small dents and chips in these objects are often overlooked. It is a good idea to give your home a thorough inspection if damage is discovered on these objects. You have likely sustained slight damage to your home structures. 

A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering will submit a reliable, unbiased inspection report with photos within 36 hours of completing your inspection. Any storm damage will be indicated in the report along with recommendations for repairs. Call Beryl Project Engineering today for more information or to schedule a Tampa area home inspection.