Appraisal provisions that include appraisers and umpires have been included in insurance contracts for over 100 years. These provisions are meant to create a fair and equitable process for appraising the damages to property and approving insurance claim damage payments. Beryl Project Engineering provides professional insurance umpire and appraiser services relating to the construction industry.

Roles of Umpires and Appraisers

An appraiser is charged with estimating the costs of repairs for damaged property. He or she is called upon by your insurance company in the event your home suffers damage in a storm, flood, fire, or other disaster. The appraiser will examine the damages first-hand, make notes about what they discover, and then issue a report to the insurance company detailing his or her findings along with the estimated amount necessary to perform repairs.

Umpires perform a similar role as they do in various sports. Their job is to make a determination of fairness when issues are in dispute. They are to be independent, unbiased, and trustworthy in their determinations in order for the entire process to be fair and equitable. Some appraisers are also qualified to serve as umpires in situations where a conflict of interest does not exist.

Which Professional Do I Need?

Most insurance claims only need an appraiser to handle the entire situation. The insurance company sends their appraiser to assess damage and provide an estimated cost of repairs. Homeowners can agree with this assessment and repairs can move forward. Homeowners can also hire an independent appraiser to perform an assessment in order to see if the insurance company appraisal is fair.

You may hire your own independent appraiser to check up on the insurance company’s damage estimate. You cannot choose your own umpire. Both appraisers will agree on an insurance umpire to help mediate the discussion if your independent appraiser’s estimate and the insurance company’s appraiser’s estimate are far apart.

It should be noted that the umpire may choose one or the other estimate as being accurate. Only a majority vote is needed (2 out of three: the umpire and one appraiser). The umpire settles the issue by either working with both appraisers to reconcile the differences in their estimates or by choosing one or the other as the most accurate.

Beryl Insurance Umpires and Appraisers

Beryl Project Engineering has both WIND Certified Appraisers® and WIND Certified Umpires® to assist with your insurance claim needs. WIND Certified professionals are trained and certified to follow a strict code of ethics to guarantee complete honesty and impartiality when handing professional appraiser or umpire duties.

Individuals, businesses, and insurance companies can trust the integrity and professional knowledge of Beryl Project Engineering WIND Certified Appraisers and Umpires for all manner of construction- and building-related insurance claim matters. Call Beryl at 813-616-3301 for more information about our insurance umpire and appraiser services in Florida.