Many Florida residents choose to install a custom solar design for the cost savings on energy. It makes perfect sense. Your home requires less energy from the local utility company and you are reducing the demand for non-renewable fossil fuels. Home energy innovation company Sense analyzed solar home data from across the US and found the average annual savings to be $1075. This amount can offset the typical home energy bill by 67%.

Determining Your Solar Design Payoff

When will your custom solar design actually pay off? You begin enjoying energy savings immediately after installation. But what about your overall investment? You can calculate an actual break-even point to determine if investing a custom solar design is a worthwhile financial investment.

Project Sunroof is a useful tool powered by Google to determine your estimated savings from solar power. Simply enter your address and your average monthly electric bill. Google Earth will pinpoint the location of your home, analyze its potential to generate electricity, and provide an estimated cost savings over a period of 20 years.

It will also provide your location’s “break-even point,” which is when your custom solar design has paid for itself and begins to turn a pure profit. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates the lifespan of a typical photovoltaic solar panel between 20-30 years.

But a quality solar design offers even more. A study by the real estate company Zillow found that solar systems add an average 4.1% to a home’s resale value.

Beryl Custom Solar Design

Are you ready to go solar? Be sure you choose a solar design company with the required experience and technology to design a system that best meets your needs. Beryl solar engineers use the latest technology to design your solar solution that considers wind speed loading, energy production, shade cover, the sun’s azimuth, and your available area.

We can also help you find the best cost savings for your design. Florida residents can take advantage of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs for solar financing. The solar contractor provides the loan, and you pay it back through monthly assessments on your property tax bill. There is also an available federal income tax credit for homeowners who install a custom solar design in 2020 or 2021.

Beryl Project Engineering assists both individual homeowners who purchase Photovoltaic Solar “kits” and local installers with the Structural and Electrical Design Packages required to get a Photovoltaic Solar Permit. Our Photovoltaic Solar Panel design services for permit ready packages include:

  • Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Solar Pool Panels
  • Residential Solar PV Panels
  • Commercial Solar PV Panels
  • Ground-Mounted Solar PV Panels

Call or contact us online to begin enjoying short and long-term energy savings while protecting the environment with renewable, sustainable, clean solar power.