Home inspections are meant to provide both the buyer and the seller peace of mind about the property that is up for sale. Often a home sale will fall through because a home inspection uncovers serious problems with a major area of the home. This can be true when the home has roofing problems. There are several courses of action when a home inspector in Tampa discovers problems with a home’s roofing system.

Recommendations for the Seller

If roofing problems are uncovered on the inspection of your home, don’t panic. Seek to understand the severity of the problems revealed by the home inspection. A recommendation for some repairs is usually not the end of the world, or the end of any hopes of selling your home. Ask the home inspector in Tampa to explain any issues with the roof that you may not understand.

You have options once you understand the severity of repairs that are needed. You can choose to make the necessary repairs at your own cost. This may also allow you to raise the asking price. You can also reveal the needed repairs to prospective buyers and offer to give them credit off the asking price to cover the repairs.

Choosing to make the necessary repairs before selling the home is typically the most cost-effective option. This will also depend on the severity of any repairs needed. Giving credit off the asking price for the costs is sometimes the best choice when a complete roof replacement is warranted.

Recommendations for the Buyer

Roofing problems are some of the most common issues a home inspector in Tampa uncovers in pre-sale home inspections. Minor roofing issues not repaired by the seller are easily handled after the purchase is completed. Bent flashing or a few crooked shingles are not worth upsetting the deal. That view could change if the home inspection revealed a long list of minor issues that add up to major dollars.

If the home inspection report reveals any level of roofing problems that you do not understand or seem troublesome, you should have a roofing contractor inspect the roof. A professional roofing contractor can provide a cost estimate for the level of repairs needed. These details will enable you to deal with facts and possibly negotiate some sort of deal with the seller about repair costs.

A home needing extensive repairs or a roof replacement should always be considered carefully before moving forward. Sellers will often offer credit off the sale price to cover repair or replacement costs. This is not guaranteed. Only you can decide if the home and situation are worth pursuing or if you should back away and keep searching for the right home.

A Quality Home Inspector in Tampa

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